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A letter to my child’s teacher/principal/babysitter/daycare

To my child’s teacher/principal/babysitter/daycare, When I first met you a thousand questions went through my head. Will she appreciate her humor? Will she understand his subtle whines? Will she have the patience for her strong will? Will she encourage him to be more independent? But the biggest question of all, Will she truly care about… Continue reading A letter to my child’s teacher/principal/babysitter/daycare

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Review #146 Megcos Magnetic Capital Letters

One of the most classic toys of all time & kids consistant favorites will and has always been fridge magnets! Finding something affordable and educational was top on my list and I was ecstatic to find Megco Magnetic Capital Letters This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure statement for more information. My son loves… Continue reading Review #146 Megcos Magnetic Capital Letters