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Watching my child deal with being bullied

Why my daughter? Why any kid? Why are these kids so mean? Why don't their parents correct them? Why, Why, Why? These questions I find running through my head every single night when the house is quiet. My daughter is in 3rd grade. She's been bullied from time to time but this year at the… Continue reading Watching my child deal with being bullied

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Whats in mom’s beach bag?

What's in mom's beach bag? We spend lots of time at the beach in the summer and after many years I think I have finally figured out the best things to keep in our beach bag to be prepared for the basic beach day! #1: A great beach bag! After more beach bags than I… Continue reading Whats in mom’s beach bag?

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Flying with Car Seats

Why should children fly with car seats?Recent news this week has struck about a flight to Bangkok in which severe turbulence caused at least 22 injuries including 3 babies who broke their spines.  Babies under the age of two are allowed to be "lap babies" and children of any age are not currently required to use any… Continue reading Flying with Car Seats