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Review #151: Ju-Ju-Be BRB

Are you looking for the perfect diaper bag for day trips? Need something you can wear easily while babywearing? Like a bag with lots of organization? Look no further! I have always been a fan of backpack diaper bags. Not only are they simple to use when babywearing, but they are much easier to carry… Continue reading Review #151: Ju-Ju-Be BRB

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Review #117: Desitin

Desitin Typically we try to cure diaper rashes with natural solutions however PJ had the worse diaper rash I have even seen last week. It was terrible and nothing on our changing table was fixing it. My mother came over with some Desitin for us to try, as my sister-in-law uses it on my nephew… Continue reading Review #117: Desitin

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Review #16: BabyGreeters Reusable Snack Bag

Now Baby Greeters has infiltrated snack time in our household with these environmentally friendly reusable snack bags! They have tons of color options, they are super affordable, and they are great for the environment. The fold over flaps are a perfect size to keep everything in the baggy while it’s in your bag & easy to open.… Continue reading Review #16: BabyGreeters Reusable Snack Bag