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How do you make sure kids are safe when they are away from home?

If youre anything like me, you probably find yourself constantly worrying about your kids when they are away from you. Where are they? Are they okay? Did the bus make it to school? Why aren’t they home yet? Being a parent causes so many questions but I luckily discovered a project that helps ease lots of those fears.

This post is a review of a product I was given complimentary in exchange for an honest review. The post may also contain affiliate links; this means if you make a purchase using one my links, I may receive a commission. Please see my disclosure statement for more information

We were given a Jiobit for an honest review about 6 weeks ago and I am happy to report its our new favorite product! This little GPS tracker attaches to your childs clothes and transmits their location to the parents phone. It only requires charging every 7-10 day and best of all, it is small and lightweight so the child doesn’t even notice it.

We recently moved to a new house in a new neighborhood. This means new bus times and we live in an area where there can sometimes be lots of traffic. Having the ability to check where PJ is & ensure hes arrived at school in the morning and left on time in the afternoon is so comforting as a parent!

To buy a Jiobit and get your peace of mind back go to

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