Keep Away From Germs by Taylyn Senec

Keep Away From Germs – Free E-Book

Keep Away From Germs by Taylyn Senec

In the wake of coronavirus, COVID-19, children’s lives are been turned upside down with change. This children’s story was written in an upbeat rhyme form to help children process these changes, learn why we are doing them, and see the positive parts of these changes. From school closures to video chatting with family, this story doesn’t just focus on the negatives. It also talks about the options of playing outside, watching movies or playing board games with family. However this story isn’t only about COVID-19, it also applies to families of immunocompromised, cancer patients, and those who are undergoing medical treatment.

Taylyn Senec, author of Tinsel the Christmas Unicorn and the Ick the Stick Series, brings her upbeat rhyming stanzas to another great book. Pair the writing with beautiful illustrations by Uzma Shafiq and this book is a great one to add to any child’s library.

Enjoy this Free E-Book. Or Order paperback version on Amazon.


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