Sibling Bonding!
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Ways to Encourage Sibling Bonding

Long before we became pregnant with The Little Dude our oldest was constantly begging for a sibling. We joke that she was ready for a baby before mom and dad were. Unfortunately, that did not keep me from worrying about how The Mini Mom’s life would change and how she would react to that change. That worry sent me to the internet, searching for tools and products and advice.

Sibling Bonding!
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All I found was books, t-shirts, and vague advice. However, there is now a better product to help encourage that wonderful sibling bond, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. When we first heard about the Heartbeat Bear, Mini Mom was beyond excited. She loves her brother almost as much as she loves stuffed toys(kidding, she loves him more than anything in the world). We decided to use the bear as a keepsake to encourage their continued bond, something they could do together and a way to keep Mini Mom from missing her brother too much on sleepovers without him.


The bear came in adorable packaging with a bow tie, tutu, and the easily recordable sound box. The instructions were simple and clear. We decided to have the Little Dude say “I love you” for the Mini Mom. We then inserted it into the back pocket & sealed it up with velcro. If the baby is still in momma’s belly you can record the heartbeat at an ultrasound to keep forever. The instructions packet even includes simple instructions to back up the recording to the cloud.


If we had a #3 we would definitely be investing in two more Heartbeat Bears so the siblings could hear their little one’s heartbeat until they arrived. These are, without a doubt, a product that will encourage that ever important sibling bond.

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