Using Alexa to help the morning routine!

Are you sick of nagging your kids to get ready in the morning? Let Alexa do it for you!

Use the Alexa app to set up reminders! This is a tip I learned as an assistive technology option for children that have issues remembering routines and it has helped our family substantially!

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Our current morning prompts(we have a long morning as my daughter needs to be able to watch tv and relax before school)

7:30am: Good Morning! Have you started breakfast yet?
7:50am Hi Dawn. Breakfast should be done. Please finish and put plates away.
7:55am Hi Dawn. Time to get dressed.
8:00am Thanks for getting dressed. Did you remember your socks & to put away dirty clothes?
8:10am Hi Dawn. Its time to brush your teeth & hair
8:20am Hi Dawn. Its almost time to go. Put on your shoes and backpack. Have a great day at school

The beauty of this is that my daughter feels independent. She feels she’s doing it on her own. She’s doesn’t feel like I’m harping on her. I don’t know why she listens better to a computer voice but she does. I can now get dressed and shower and drink my coffee while she can independently move through her morning routine happily 

Alexa morning routine

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