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DIY Gifts from Little Ones

Spring is approaching and with spring comes Easter, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. In our family, one of the favorite spring activities is creating DIY gifts from the kids for family and friends. Not only are these craft gifts typically inexpensive, but they are made with extra special love! Some of the ideas in this list are favorites that were used for Christmas gifts, but all are easy to adapt to different projects for the spring! Use your imagination!

Handprint Flower Pots

Those sweet little dimpled chubby hands are growing quickly and will be twice the size before we know it. Now is the time to paint tiny hands on everything or press them into clay to be looked at fondly for years to come. – Arrows & Applesauce

Decorate Golf Balls

These decorated golf balls will dramatically improve any golfers swing and the receiver will work hard to remain on the green and keep forever. – Laughing Kids Learn

Popsicle Stick Frames

My toddler’s version actually came out much better than the ones I made! Make this easy and simple dollar store toddler craft and make the grandparents smile on Christmas morning.- Diary of a SoCal Mama.

Snowman Print Glasses

Tis the season for gift giving. It is sometime hard to come up with one more thing for the Grandparents or family member seems to have everything. So give these a try, these simple snowman print glasses are the perfect conversation piece for holiday get togethers. Personalize them by adding some vinyl letters to the back.- Simply Sprout

Baked Goods

What better way to say “happy holidays” than a tin filled with your all-time favorite cookies? Or, maybe your best friend just loves your grandma’s secret recipe scones. Everyone has a favorite! – The Military Homestead

Paper Clip Angels

The girls made these last year for Christmas gifts for all their teachers, and everyone loved them. Although their three- and five-year-old fingers had a tricky time with some of the parts, the activity was good fine-motor-skill practice for them. And slightly older kids will probably not have these problems. – Super Mom Hacks

Handprint Calendar

It always means so much to get one of their creations from school. The look of pride on their faces from having worked hard on a project or a craft, and the huge teeth-filled grin as they present me with what they’ve made, I want to bottle that feeling to have forever and ever. This holiday, I want that – I want to get my kids more involved in, not just the gift-giving, but in the gift-making. More than they normally are. – Crazy Adventures in Parenting


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