Girl wearing fox in socks costume

Easy Fox in Socks Costume for Read Across America Day

Every year kids from around the country celebrate Dr Seuss with Read Across America Day. Its a fun day and many schools turn it into a week of activities for the kids, usually including a Dress up as your favorite Dr Seuss Character Day. It wasn’t until my oldest was in kindergarten that I really realized this is not that easy. Dr Seuss characters are magnificently imaginative aka not that easy to put together on a budget. However, we were able to do an affordable (and fun) Fox in Socks costume for my daughter for 1st grade & you can do it too!

Girl wearing fox in socks costume

The important features to make this costume work:

  • An orange or red base outfit for the body
  • Blue socks for all 4 “feet”
  • Tail
  • Ears

Step 1: Gather what you have! We had a red long sleeve shirt & a red skirt already in her closet from Christmas time that we were able to reuse to cut costs. We also had blue leggings that worked for under the skirt.

Step 2: Buy what you don’t. We needed the ears, tail and socks. I was able to find all on amazon prime cheap & fast. I found a pack of 3 pairs of blue knee high socks that were $12.00 and a Fox Ears & Tail set for $11.00.

Step 3: Put it together. We attached the tail to the skirt with a simple safety pin. The socks for her hands were the only part that took any real creative effort. I simply cut off the foot portion of the socks & added a hole for her thumb.

Step 4:  The final touch. Add some whiskers and color in the nose with eyeliner and you have one adorable little fox!

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