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American Girl Live Giveaway!

Do you have a child that is in love with everything American Girl? Are you focused on teaching them about powerful females? Do you love visiting the theater? If your family is anything like mine, then you probably answered yes to one, or all, of those questions and you should definitely enter for a chance to win tickets to see American Girl Live in Boston!

My daughter and I had a wonderful chance to meet three of the stars of the show. Laila, Ashley and Monica were just as sweet in person as I know their characters will be on stage. Dawn, my daughter, sat down to interview them on some of the hot questions every 9-year-old girl wants to know. Here are some of the great things we learned about these stars along with some wonderful stage photos by Amy Boyle.

“What is your favorite part of the show?”

Monica: “My favorite part of the show is Luciana’s song. It’s called blast off and it’s super fun and we travel to outer space.”

Laila: “The very beginning when we first get to camp. Its so exciting and high energy and it is like I am seeing my friends on stage for the first time.”



“Did you ever go to summer camp?”

Monica: “I went to summer camp every single summer of my life since I was 6 or 7… and I play a camp counselor in the show”

Ashley: “I did get to go to a day camp as a field trip and I got to dissect an owl pellet which was really cool”

©Amy Boyle Photography 2018

“Is this the first show you have ever toured in?”

Monica: “Yeah! Its actually all of our first times in a show touring around the country”

Monica Potson – Plays Julie

“Where are you from?”

Monica: “I am originally from New Mexico. I went to college in North Carolina and then I’ve lived in New York City for the last year”

Laila: “I am originally from Philadelphia and I moved to Los Angeles when I was twelve. I’ve lived there ever since”

Ashley: “I am originally from Texas and I moved to California, to LA, for school”

ashley diane
Ashley Diane- plays Luciana

“Did you have any American Girl Dolls?”

Monica: “I had three. I think Samantha was my favorite because she was my first one and I read all her books!”

Laila: “I had three as well. I had two that looked just like me and I had a bitty baby, she was my favorite. Her name was Lacey.”

laila e drew
Laila E Drew- Plays Melody

“What was your dream job as a kid?”

Monica: “I think my dream job is what I am doing right now. Being in a show that inspires other people and makes kids have big dreams, smile and laugh, and feel empowered!”

Ashley: “When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian but then I discovered theater and that was it”



We had a wonderful afternoon meeting these talented actresses! Dawn and I are both so excited to see the show when it comes to Boston. Get your tickets today at


Enter by January 31, 2019 to win 4 tickets to see American Girl Live in Boston on February 22nd at 7pm via Just Mommin Around Giveaway

6 thoughts on “American Girl Live Giveaway!”

  1. Great job on your interview, Dawn! This show looks awesome. What a cool experience it must have been for Dawn to interview these ladies!


  2. What a fun opportunity. My “dream” job has always been to perform and sing in musicals. It is a real dream as I can’t sing and would be terribly nervous on stage in front of people.


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