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The Must-Haves for Sleepaway Camp!

Last week, The Mini Mom, was on her way to her first sleepaway camp! I was a nervous wreck, she was a pile of energy & we had a giant duffle full of everything she could possibly need for the trip. This was her first time away from home without a family member, and even more difficult, her first time that I wasn’t a phone call away! Luckily, she survived, she loved it & best of all we didn’t forget or lose anything! Wondering what to pack your child to summer camp? Look no further!

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#1: Labels! We received Mabels Labels to try for this camp packing extravaganza, and I could not be more impressed. The sleepaway camp pack came with 10 Name Stickers, 24 Mini Name Stickers, 70 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels, 8 Shoe Stickers, and 2 Bag Tags. Literally, every single thing she took with her was personalized with her name!

#2: Clothes! I packed each outfit in a ziplock bag containing socks, underwear, t-shirt/tank, and shorts. She had 2 outfits per day, a light sweatshirt, a heavy sweatshirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of sweatpants, 3 bathing suits and 3 sets of pajamas. I also put an extra ziplock bag with 3 extra pairs of socks and underwear at the bottom of the day.

#3: Poncho! Luckily it did not rain while she was there, but we were sure to pack 2 little rain ponchos in case it did.

#4: Shoes! We packed 3 pairs of sneakers & one pair of flip-flops. Turns out her sneakers did end up getting wet, so it was definitely handy to have an extra pair. The camp also did not allow the children to use flip flops anywhere other than to the bathhouse.

#5: Bedding! The camp The Mini Mom was attending was a platform tent camp with cot beds. We packed a fitted sheet, pillow, sleeping bag, extra blanket and a bug net to cover her bed & keep the creepy crawlies out!

#6: Day Bag! I almost forgot this one & it would have been rough. The day bag is essential for them to be able to carry around their stuff for the day since they cannot continue to trek back to camp everytime they forgot something. A school backpack is a perfect size although The Mini Mom wishes she brought her JuJuBe MiniBe

#7: Lights! The tent and campsites had zero electricity so packing flashlights, a mini lantern, and a booklight were very important to make sure she was able to see in the dark.

#8: Toiletries! We packed hers in a SmartBottoms Wet Bag and filled it with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair brush, detangler, etc

#9: Towels! We packed face towels, hand towels, 2 beach towels, a shower towel and even floor towel for next to her bed. She said she wished she had 1 or two more towels because no one likes to use a wet towel.

#10: Extra things to feel connected from home & for the downtime! We made sure to pack her favorite stuffed animals, a notebook & colored pencils, a reading book, a picture of her brother, her heartbeat bear, and a special wishing necklace from her dad.

And in case you want a Free Printable Packing List- You can grab it here!

Sleepaway Camp Packing List-Just Mommin Around-page-001

Sleepaway Camp Packing List-Just Mommin Around

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