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My Wishes for my Children

Late at night, when my kids are sound asleep, I often find myself thinking of their future. I don’t just think about who they may become or what they may do with their lives. I think of what I wish for each of them. The wishes that I hope I remember to pass on to each child as they grow up. They are wishes that I hope I don’t forget, wishes for their future, and wishes for the world they will live in.

My wishes for my child:

  1. Never stop learning. There will always be things you don’t know. There will always be things you don’t understand. When you think you know everything, find a person who is the complete opposite of you and learn about their life.
  2. Always find the good in people. Often it is easy to dwell on the negative in a person. Always strive to discover the positive things they have done in their lives, even if you thoroughly dislike them.
  3. Never force someone to be in your life. You are perfect and a gift to the world. You are worth more than ever having to beg or force someone to be in your life. If they don’t put in the effort, they don’t deserve your time or attention. Surround yourself with people who will boost you up and believe in you.
  4. Enjoy the quiet. The world is loud and hectic and crazy. Find the quiet and appreciate it. Put down everything & just lay there listened to the wind or the ocean or whatever it may be.
  5. Help those less fortunate. Never forget that you were born in a world where you will sometimes take everyday necessities for granted. Not everyone was born with the same situation and it will keep you humble to help those who need it. Volunteer your time, money, resources or talents. Continue to help others.
  6. Find your true loves. It doesn’t necessarily have to be another person. It may be a passion, or a place, or an animal or an adventure. Find what you love & incorporate it into your life.
  7. Don’t forget your manners. Please and thank you can go a very long way. Use them when they are warranted and even sometimes when they are not.
  8. SMILE! When you smile it spreads like wildflowers. Your smile will make another person smile and brighten their day. Your smile will make you happier in your soul.
  9. Don’t lose your creativity and imagination. There are more than enough bland people in the world with unoriginal ideas. Your creativity and imagination will set you apart, be as bright as a rainbow.
  10. Follow your inner path & be proud of who you are. You are perfect exactly the way you are. Follow your path, no matter how normal or abnormal it may seem at the time. Be proud of yourself because I will always be proud of you!

One day my children will be grown. I can sit back and imagine those days late into the night, every night my imagination dreams up something different. However, these 10 wishes for each child never change!

1 thought on “My Wishes for my Children”

  1. This is so beautiful. I think about this too very often, despite what I wish for my children, what kind of people will they be?


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