Containing Toddlers and Carrying Gear: 2018’s Top Strollers!

2018’s Top 5 Strollers

There are some days that a family just feels the need to use a stroller. For my family, we use our strollers at theme parks, youth sports games, while traveling, long days of shopping, and the occasional walk on the canal. However, in each situation, I have different needs and wants for that stroller. I don’t always want a stroller that takes up the entire storage space of my vehicle. Other times though, I need a big stroller that can handle all our gear as well as a napping toddler. This list is my Top 5 Strollers of 2018 and a lineup that will get you through all the different situations!

 The Top Lightweight Stroller

GB qbit+

The GB qbit+ has a long list of amazing benefits. It is the stroller that lives in the back of my vehicle due to the compact size when folded up. It also has a very simple one-hand fold. This stroller has a reclining seat, giant canopy, and cushion handle. The qbit+ weighs a total of 16.8lbs and to top it off, it is simply beautiful to look at!

Top Strollers: Lightweight Stroller


The Top Stroller for Shopping & Storage

Summer Infant 3D Tote

The Summer Infant 3D Tote is above any other lightweight strollers in terms of storage. This stroller’s basket is giant and includes an extender on the back of the stroller to hold more shopping goodies! You don’t have to waste that giant basket with your diaper bag either because the design even includes built-in diaper bag hooks. The outside of the storage basket is usually wasted space however, this stroller has storage pockets and pockets for bottles and sippy cups! Other awesome features include a one-hand recline, cup holders, and anti-shock wheels.

Top Strollers: Storage


The Top Stroller for Older Siblings

Baby Trend Sit and Stand

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand was a stroller we purchased when I was pregnant with my second child.  My oldest was almost out of “stroller age” but we knew we would need something for long days at theme parks, or when she needed to rest her feet on long walks. The Baby Trend Sit and Stand is affordable, easy to open and close, and has some great convenience features. With a seat up front for a younger child needing a 5pt harness and a bench seat in the back with a floorboard for a larger child. It is a wonderful go-to stroller for when an older child may want to climb on!Top Strollers: Older Siblings


The Top Grow with Me Stroller

Kangaroo by Venice Child

The Kangaroo by Venice Child was designed to be used from birth through the toddler years. It has a streamlined frame with no welded joints and a 5-year warranty to back up the price point. Some of the features of this stroller include a telescopic handle, two-wheel mode for stairs & beaches, one-foot brake, washable fabric and reversible seat positions. The Kangaroo includes a seat with 2 recline options, bassinet, foot muff, car seat adaptor, rain shield and mosquito net.Top Strollers: Grow with me


The Top All Around & Everyday Stroller

Graco Modes

The Graco Modes stroller is easily purchased at any mainstream baby gear store. This stroller is good for parents looking for one stroller for all situations without a large budget. The Modes has a reversible seat, allowing the child to face the parent or face outwards do the world, it works with all Graco click connect car seats and it has a removable child’s tray and armrest. The stroller even has dual cupholders and a storage compartment for mom and an adequate storage basket underneath.Top Strollers: All Around



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