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Easy Ways for Mom to Get Ahead of the To-Do List!

Are you an overwhelmed mama? Feel like you will never catch up on that to-do list? Looking for ways to get ahead? Well lucky for you, I am the queen of delegating & finding services to help me when I am overwhelmed and I am here to share what I have learned over the last few years!


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person-looking-searching-clean.jpg 5. Is that stack of laundry never ending? Call your local laundromat! Most laundromats offer a wash, dry, fold service that is done within 24 hours! Prices vary per location but average $1-$2 per pound.


pexels-photo-811107.jpeg4. What parent doesn’t hate wrangling children for an hour while grocery shopping only to get home & realize you forgot five things on your list! Walmart Grocery now has pickup & delivery options(options vary based on location). Best of all… there is NO CHARGE for Walmart Pickup. Oh & they bring it right to your car for you!


cleaning-washing-cleanup-the-ilo-48889.jpeg3. Spring Cleaning coming up and you still haven’t finished from last year? Why not call in a cleaning company for a once-over? It’ll save you a long weekend that you don’t have to spare between soccer, baseball, and dance recitals!



garden-grass-meadow-green.jpg2. Does the lawn need mowing? Or maybe the gardens need to be weeded? Or the lawn needs to be raked? The list of yard care items goes on and on, but wouldn’t you rather be blowing bubbles and having a water balloon fight? A quick call to your local landscaper & your off having fun


people-children-child-happy-160946.jpeg1. Would you rather just get your to-do list done yourself but those little ones are constantly slowing you down? There are lots of services like or where you can find a sitter to keep the kids entertained and give mom some much needed alone time!

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