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Top 5 Reasons you should go to MommyCon

MommyCon is a place like no other, a place where no one flinches if your child cries, a place where breastfeeding happens with ZERO shame from anyone, a place where you can meet the moms(and dads) you idolize from FB groups, a place where you can learn & shop & make new friends. Its a place where you find unicorns & rainbows & eternal happiness(OK maybe not those last few, but it is pretty darn close!)


I went to my first MommyCon in DC in 2016 and it was the experience that opened my eyes to wanting to be a blogger & reviewer. I will be going back to MommyCon in NYC April 7, 2018 and I cannot wait! These are the top 5 reasons you should go to mommycon!

Just some of what I bought at MommyCon DC in 2016!

#1. The exhibit floor! This exhibit floor is like no other. Every location has different vendors, but they are all equally amazing. At MommyCon DC 2016 I discovered Ezpz, Replay, Mixed Pears, CJ’s Butter, and Jujube for the first time! All brands I am now in love with & use on a regular basis.

MommyCon Baby |

#2. The people! Not only will you meet regular parents like yourself, but you will also get a chance to meet the small business owners at their booths, social media influencers & “internet friends.”


#3. The ticket options! MommyCon offers 3 different ticket options. The first is a General Admission for a one day(Saturday) ticket for $25.00. The next is the Premium Admission which includes Saturday admission as well as a gift bag for $45.00. The final option is the VIP Admission which includes Friday & Saturday Admission, VIP sessions and an upgraded VIP gift bag for $150. However, you can use Coupon Code MomminAround18 for a 10% discount!


#4. The sessions! My favorite session when I attended MommyCon DC 2016 was on feeding and picky eaters. When I attend MommyCon NYC this year I cannot wait to check out the Potty Training session as PJ will be going through potty training very very soon!

MommyCon Baby |

#5. The MommyCon Shoppe! This shoppe has some of the best t-shirts with inspirational messages. They also sell toys, bags, accessories and more!

If these aren’t enough reason for you to stop by MommyCon then I don’t know what is! I hope to see some new friends(and old) at MommyCon NYC!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons you should go to MommyCon”

  1. There is a MommyCon??!! How cool! This was such a fun and informative post and I will certainly be reading more to see about getting involved with MommyCon!


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