Wet Bags: A Fun and Unique Mom-Hack!

In the parenting world, Wet Bags are typically known for housing dirty cloth diapers & soiled baby clothes however that use is just one of many many others that all moms can appreciate. I purchased my first wet bag at MommyCon DC in 2016 and I have never looked back. I have found wet bags to be one of my biggest mom-hacks over the past few years. Which of these uses is your favorite? Which have you tried? Which do you need to try? Here are some wonderful mama’s wet bag uses!

  • Themed toy storage. A construction bag holds my son’s construction tools!- Debbie F
  • Book storage- Laura G
  • Toiletries when traveling- Crystal F.
  • Hauling wet swimsuits and towels- Mallery L
  • First aid kit in the diaper bag- Kate T
  • My girls like to have pencil and paper and just a little fun pack made out of them- Kimberly H
  • Currently home to my knitting project- Kerry S
  • Treat bag at sports events – Stephanie D
  • I use a hanging one in the bathroom to remember to pretreat stained clothes- Holly W
  • All the device chargers when traveling- Charmaine I
  • We use ours for emergency medical kits- Shannon J
  • As an emergency barf bag- Heather S
  • Label Maker- Lindsey T
  • Re-play Plate & Utensils when out at restaurants- Laura G
  • Store my pump parts in a small wet bag at work.- Amanda R
  • Kindle fire with headphones and screen wipes- Anna C
  •  With an ice pack in them to bring bottles of wine to family parties- Kellie D

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