Review #156: Magic Erasers

Do you have a child that likes to make a mess? Do they occasionally write on the walls or the furniture? Do you wonder how the heck you will ever get everything so clean? Thankfully there is a product for that! The uses for magic erasers are endless. We use them to get crayon off walls,… Continue reading Review #156: Magic Erasers


Review #155: Cars 3-in-1 Body wash

Do you find yourself at the store, staring at all the body wash options for kids and wondering what to buy? You are not alone! My 2-year-old is obsessed with the Cars movies, however, he HATES bath time. So, I was very excited when I spotted this 3 in 1 shampoo/body-wash/conditioner for under $3.00 when shopping… Continue reading Review #155: Cars 3-in-1 Body wash


Review #154: David’s Bridal Tulle Flower Girl Dress

Looking for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding? Need a princess dress for a photoshoot? Look no further than this beautiful & affordable Flower Girl Dress!We loved this dress so much we bought it twice. My daughter first wore it when she was 2, in my wedding as our flower girl. Over 4 years… Continue reading Review #154: David’s Bridal Tulle Flower Girl Dress


Wet Bags: A Fun and Unique Mom-Hack!

In the parenting world, Wet Bags are typically known for housing dirty cloth diapers & soiled baby clothes however that use is just one of many many others that all moms can appreciate. I purchased my first wet bag at MommyCon DC in 2016 and I have never looked back. I have found wet bags to be one of my biggest mom-hacks over the past few years. Which of these uses is your favorite? Which have you tried? Which do you need to try? Here are some wonderful mama's wet bag uses!


Review #153: Kid Curated Books: best subscription box for little readers!

Do your kids love when you read with them?  Do your kids love fun stories about upcoming holidays? Do your kids love surprises? HA, that ones a funny question.... every kid loves surprises! The Kid Curated Books Subscription Boxes are perfect for kids ages 0-12! This post is a review of a product I was given… Continue reading Review #153: Kid Curated Books: best subscription box for little readers!