Chooze shoes

Review #152: Chooze Shoes: Perfect for unique and creative kids!

Is your child unique and creative and love to stand out? Does your child dislike plain & ordinary shoes? Looking for something fun and different?  Check out Chooze Shoes!

My daughter received her first pair of Chooze Shoes for her birthday. These shoes are amazing. While coordinating, the two shoes have different fabrics and it is perfect for her personality. On top of the amazing non-matching designs, the shoes come in a variety of different designs including sneakers and the mary-janes we ordered. The shoes are made of a canvas fabric with a wonderful bright pink rubber sole and they run true-to-size. I ordered our Chooze from and enjoyed that my purchase supported a non profit. Like no other company I have ever seen, I was able to choose where my donation would go from 4 different non-profits. We choose to send our donation to encourage play which helps fund playgrounds in low-income neighborhoods. Chooze also sells bags, clothes and hats, all with amazing prints for expressive kids!


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