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Review #148: Kindle Kids Edition

Are you looking for your child’s first educational tablet? Confused by all the different options? Wish you could find one that you could also use while traveling or in a pinch? Well after way too much researched & years of use, we found the perfect one for our family!


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Although we “try” to limit screen time, the Kindle has become a staple in our family. My son thoroughly despises walking to the bus stop to get his big sister and without the kindle he will scream the entire time. The kids Edition comes with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a Kid-Proof Case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. I have had to return both kid’s Kindles under the worry-free guarantee and both times the replacement was back to our house within 7 days of shipping the broken one. The kindle is easy for both my 2 year old and 8 year old to operate, easy to download shows and apps, and the freetime is wonderful for limiting children’s usage. We can also use it in adult mode as a regular kindle fire. Since it works as a standard kindle fire, any apps on the amazon app store can be downloaded & the parent can choose which ones to allow the children have access to. Standard retail price is $99-129Kindl however it often goes on sale for black friday or prime day.

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