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Review #147: Tot Talk Placemat

Do you ever find yourself looking for a good old fashion educational placemat for your older children at dinner time? I remember learning the 50 states as a child from my placemat & I wante the same for my child & they were surprisingly hard to find!

tuk talk

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Every kid gets bored during meal time. What is better to keep them entertained than a fun and educational placemat? My daughter’s favorite is this Tot Talk Animals of the Jungle Themed one. There are many non-traditional animals in a colorful drawing on the front side to find. On the back is a black and white chart of all the animals with the names in English, French Spanish and Chinese. To make things better the placemat is also wonderful to make sure drinks don’t leave rings and dropped food doesn’t make a mess. We also use it under her paper when she’s doing homework to ensure markers or drawings do not mark up our dining room table. Overall, this placemat is a wonderful and simple addition to the dining room table!

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