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Review #145 AngelSense

Do you worry about where your child is when you’re not with them? Do you fear your child may dash off in a crowd or from the backyard? Does your child get lost easily? These are all fears that many parents deal with on a daily basis, especially parents of children with special needs or children who are having a rough patch. Thankfully, AngelSense has created a product to ease these fears and help keep the child safe if the fears do come to fruition.

This post is a review of a product I was given complimentary in exchange for an honest review. The post may also contain affiliate links; this means if you make a purchase using one my links, I may receive a commission. Please see my disclosure statement for more information.

We started researching AngelSense when my daughter was having issues on her bus. Often she was being bullied, especially on days where the bus was running late(making the bus ride longer than usual). She was having anxiety about if I would be there to get her off the bus and feeling detached from the safety of her parents. I knew having an AngelSense would give her the confidence to know that mom was right there, able to see her every move.

The AngelSense is a cell-phone sized device which can easily be worn on a child’s clothing or in a backpack. It transmits a GPS signal constantly, which can be tracked by a parent app on any guardian(or appointed guardian)’s phone. With the AngelSense a parent can see where the child is, what path they took to get there, how fast they traveled & when they arrived. Early/Late departure alerts can be set for places like school or home to let the parent know if the child has deviated from their regular schedule. Alerts can also be set for any time a child leaves a frequently visited location. There is even a “listen in” feature, which allows a parent to call & listen in to the surroundings of the child.

The parent’s app is easy to use, includes video instructions, shows the battery level of the child’s device, how much of a signal they are getting, a map of the area & allows you to name & save frequently visited areas. I was even able to edit the boundaries of my daughter’s school to include the local track they go to during PE class to ensure I wouldn’t be notified she had left school when she was simply at PE.

The AngelSense comes in a carry case with the device, a protective sleeve & two special locking mechanisms that can only be removed with the special included key. These locking mechanisms attach the device into the sleeve & to the chosen clothing, keeping the child, or anyone else, from being able to remove it. It also comes with a charger and suggests charging nightly.

We have been using AngelSense for over a week so far and I have had a chance to test all of its functions and it works wonderfully. The most amazing thing to me is the peace I feel knowing exactly where my daughter is, especially on her rides home from school. I even have had a chance to try the “listen in” feature while she was on the bus, to ensure she was okay and not dealing with any bad apples. There is also an awesome ETA feature to help me make sure I am at the bus stop when she arrives!

Get yours today at for $50 off the guardian kit!


2 thoughts on “Review #145 AngelSense”

  1. This sounds like a neat little device. It would have been helpful the one day my kindergartener was 50 minutes late one day. I drove to the school after 30 minutes of waiting and found out they had only left the school five minutes earlier. I like that it has the ability to call you…My preschooler has a food allergy and bullying/safety when he starts elementary school is a huge concern for me.


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