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Ways to Celebrate New Years with your little ones!

Are you like me and just realized New Years Eve is in 3 days and you have absolutely no clue what you are doing? But wait… you’re a parent, so your hanging at home. Well here are a few fun ways to celebrate New Years with your little mini-me’s.


#1. Throw a Noon-Years Eve party(Or go to one)! Our local children’s museum hosts one for relatively cheap. You can also put together some fun decorations and invite some friends over to have one at home. Countdown to noon, toast with apple cider, play music & dance around.

#2. Make New Years Eve Shakers! Relatively simple. Decorate two paper plates(or bowls) put some beads or popcorn kernels on one, tape or glue it shut. Handmade fun noisemaker!

#3. Create a Time Capsule! Use this printable to ask your kid’s fun questions about themselves. Put it in one of those leftover Christmas boxes & store in the attic. Open years later & giggle at the answers 🙂

#4. Make Party Hats! Kids love to decorate them, parents love how easy it is to just roll up & tape to create it. Simple & fun = new years eve win!

#5. Create a Balloon Drop! Get at least 20 balloons(fill with just air) and a plastic tablecloth. Attach to the ceiling & drop when the time is right. The kids will LOVE it!


5 thoughts on “Ways to Celebrate New Years with your little ones!”

  1. Ooo some lovely ideas here – thinking back to childhood I never really got the fuss over New Years but little things like this would’ve made it all the more exciting xx


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