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2017’s Best Gifts for baby showers, new moms & children of all ages!

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, a birthday or a baby shower? Well, I have compiled this awesome list of the best gifts I’ve found in 2017!

b0ec0-20170602_0462For Pregnant Moms & Infants:

  1. Baby Carrier! I recommend a Tula or a Lenny Lamb Wrap – Perfect to carry little ones and stay hands free!
  2. A Car Seat Cover! Milksnob is our favorite! Its perfect to keep baby warm & protected in their car seat!
  3.  A great diaper bag! Ju-ju-be or Lily Jade are by far my favorites!
  4. The perfect convertible car seat! We love our Graco 4ever for daily use and our Cosco Scenera NEXT for traveling!
  5. A wonderful baby blanket! My son’s favorite blanket(which he always totes around) is his Tula Blanket


63b6a-20170602_0503Gear for Babies & Toddlers:

  1. A good Teether! A favorite at our house is the sweetooth ice cream shaped teether!
  2. Strong plates/bowls & cups that will last! We have switched our entire kid’s cabinet over to RePlay because of how much we love them!
  3. A great stroller for big kids! Not all strollers are created equal & our Jeep stroller will definitely work through preschool!


Toys for Babies & Toddlers!fa7fa-2017oct02_1355

  1. A great outdoor playset! A favorite through both of my kids has been out Little Tikes Outdoor BBQ
  2. Something to teach them to build! We love our edushape toys as well as our Tegu blocks!
  3. A favorite Character toy! My son loves Paw Patrol so anything Paw Patrol is a huge favorite in our house!


97d18-2017sep02_0523Gifts for Preschoolers and Older Kids!

  1. Experiences! We love to get my daughter tickets to Disney on Ice, Weekend Getaways or Tickets to her favorite theme park!
  2. Something for them to learn technology! My daughter not only uses her Kindle for games, but she also uses it a ton for schoolwork!
  3. Something they will cherish as they get older! Personally, we went with an American Girl Doll. I loved mine as a child & my daughter loves hers also!


What things are go-to items on your shopping lists?


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