Review #136: Diaper Genie

When I was pregnant with my first child a friend told me “dont buy a diaper pail, they are a waste of money” and I took her advice. Quickly I realized that was bad advice & bought a diaper genie to stop having to go outside to the shed with every poopy diaper to keep my house from smelling. All we have ever owned is the super basic version. It can use many different bag inserts, keeping options open to shop the sales! There is an easy release door on top to insert the dirty diaper. Just push down & it is stored away in the bag in the bottom section. When its time to empty, simply press the button to top the main storage section, use the cutter to end your roll, tie off & remove the full section & start a new section. Two kids & too many diapers later and I still love my diaper genie!

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