Review #133: Chore Monster/Mothership

Chore Monster/Mothership

We started using the chore monster/mothership app pair for my 8-year-old daughter last year. The mothership app is for the parents to load chores, assign them point values, make due dates or schedules and give prize amounts. Parents also have to approve in mothership that each chore a child says they have done has actually been done before the points are awarded in chore monster. The parent also has the option to gift extra points in mothership, like I did this week for my daughter having a great first week of school.

The child’s version of the app is called chore monster. When the child opens it there are options to view chores, rewards, carnival, theater, monsters, and messages. The chores selection is where the child sees the chores they have assigned to them, when they are due and their value. In rewards the child sees their reward options & how close they are to obtaining the rewards, they can also request to redeem their points for rewards in this section. The carnival, theater, and monster sections are things the child can redeem their points for within the app, like videos or to spin a wheel to win more points. If the child hasn’t done their chores in a while, they cant use these features. The messages section is a place where the child can choose pre-made messages with pictures to send to the parent as a thank you for rewards or something that may have happened throughout the day.

If you are like me and stink at keeping traditional chore charts up to date, this app is wonderful. It even works on apple, android and google play!

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