Review #132: Shark NV26 Navigator Swivel Bagless Vacuum

I will forever have a love/hate relationship with vacuums. As a kid, I managed to catch one on fire & I have made many a mess while trying to change a vacuum bag. When we purchased our house i went on the hunt for the perfect vacuum for me and after 2 years, I think its safe to say the Shark NV26 Navigator is it! First off, it is bagless. Simply open the compartment & toss out the mess. When doing so, if the compartment is overfull, the mess does not spill everywhere, there are little trap doors that shut when you take the compartment off to avoid such messes! It comes with a bunch of attachments. All I have used at one time or another for vacuuming furniture, curtains, stairs, heating vents, etc. It seems to have every extra piece I am looking for. The cord is a good old wrap around, as our prior vacuum had a retractable cord which I somehow got jammed on a regular basis. Overall, I recommend the vacuum to anyone and everyone because if I can use it, anyone can!

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