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Organizing the kids dishes & saving the earth!

How we cleaned our dishes drawer, made mealtime simpler and helped save the environment.
A little over a year ago I remember sitting on the floor of my kitchen, swearing up a storm while shuffling through our drawer full of kids dishes looking for a bowl. After reaching out to some friends, I realized many were giving me the same suggestion: Switch to Replay. That night I sat down & ordered enough replay to replace 90% of our kids’ dishes. We ordered 3 divided plates, 3 flat plates, 10 bowls, 6 hard sippy cups, 4 regular cups, 6 sets of silverware, and a snack stacker. When they arrived I realized something really cool, all the plates nested in eachother, the bowls in each other & the cups in each other. It took up next to no space and could all be consolidated to one drawer in our kitchen. To make good things better, 7-year-old could put them away on her own and my 1-year-old loved picking out which color he wanted. A year has gone by and we are still happier than ever and recently I did their “milk jug math” and realized our dishes save 50 milk jugs from landfills!

12 thoughts on “Organizing the kids dishes & saving the earth!”

  1. I love the colors of those kids plates and for. I wish I bought these for our daughter. I am definitely checking out this product.


  2. I like all the fun colors. That should be inviting to all kids. My kids are older now and eat off my main plates but this would have been so nice to have when they were younger.


  3. I LOVE how colorful these dishes are! I also feel like we have so many random kids/character plates and bowls! I need to look into replacing them and cleaning up that cabinet


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