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Non-Fiction Books that Will Motivate your Child to Change the World!

Looking for the perfect book for your grade-school child? Want your child to change the world? Would rather have your child read about history than flying pigs? Look no further! After realizing how much my 8-year-old LOVES reading non-fiction stories. I decided to compile this list of books she will be receiving over the next… Continue reading Non-Fiction Books that Will Motivate your Child to Change the World!


Review #137: Swiffer

Swiffer   I have been in love with swiffer products since college. The ease of use & simplicity is perfect for the cleaning-challenge person like myself. I like to stick with the very basic model with the option to use both wet or dry pads to clean the floor. I typically clean with the dry… Continue reading Review #137: Swiffer


Review #134: Step2 Real Projects Work Bench

Step2 Real Projects Work Bench   This workbench is a favorite around our house because it really is set up to mimic a real work bench. The set came with 65 accessory pieces including interlocking foam pieces(for actually building things), screws, nuts, and all the tools necessary. The tools included a screwdriver, hammer, saw, drill and… Continue reading Review #134: Step2 Real Projects Work Bench


Review #133: Chore Monster/Mothership

Chore Monster/Mothership   We started using the chore monster/mothership app pair for my 8-year-old daughter last year. The mothership app is for the parents to load chores, assign them point values, make due dates or schedules and give prize amounts. Parents also have to approve in mothership that each chore a child says they have… Continue reading Review #133: Chore Monster/Mothership

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Organizing the kids dishes & saving the earth!

How we cleaned our dishes drawer, made mealtime simpler and helped save the environment. A little over a year ago I remember sitting on the floor of my kitchen, swearing up a storm while shuffling through our drawer full of kids dishes looking for a bowl. After reaching out to some friends, I realized many… Continue reading Organizing the kids dishes & saving the earth!