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Review #121: Soul Slings Onbuhimo


The onbuhimo is a carrier that is definitely not for beginners. I have been wearing PJ for over 2 years and have had my eye on an onbuhimo for quite a while. I was very excited when Soul Slings offered to send me one in exchange for an honest review on my blog. First impression upon receiving it was that it is stunning. The carrier is a natural anti-bacterial linen. Very lightweight and perfect for hot days. 

Onbuhimo carriers have no waistband. They simply have two shoulder straps and a chest clip. I find this to be amazing and freeing, also keeping me nice and cool while wearing. It did take a few tries to get a great fit with this carrier. The biggest tips are to get a high carry, make sure you pull enough fabric through for a deep seat and most importantly…. read the directions! Unlike other carriers, the onbuhimo requires the child’s legs to go through the shoulder strap loops.

The carrier also has a wonderful attached hood with reach straps. This is a wonderful carrier and at a price of $65 on it is an amazing value for the quality!


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