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Heritage Museum and Gardens

This summer our family invited to visit Heritage Museum and Gardens. This location is a little piece of beauty on Cape Cod. It is popular with locals and tourists and it is like nothing else I have ever seen. Despite living only 20 minutes away, I had never been before this summer, therefore I was very excited to get a chance to go and review it to share with you all!

Upon entering there is a museum with antique cars. PJ loves cars, so this was awesome for him. He loved checking out all the old cars and definitely loved the one you can climb on. The staff on site were all wonderful at explaining about the cars and the entire location. 
As you then walk down the path toward the gardens, there is a large sign helping you identify what flowers are in season and where they are located. There is also a cafe with food and alcohol for sale. Beyond that, we found a fun little garden maze and the beautiful lighthouse!

Round the corner on the paved walking trail and you will find the most breathtaking view of a man-made waterfall into a beautiful lily pad pond with frogs and turtles. The kids loved running on the large field leading up to it.


Next, down the path, we found a garden walkway with some local artist exhibits and a wonderful bench to relax. Only a few steps further down the path was a water fountain and the most beautiful hydrangeas.

We then headed through more stunning flowers, all labeled, to the carousel. Carousel is included in admission and there was no wait, allowing the children to ride until their heart’s content. From the museum near the carousel, you can see down to Heritage Hidden Hollow. 

The Hidden Hollow is a child’s dream. With a giant tree house, blocks, building sets, pretend kitchen, art center, and even an outdoor amphitheater with dress up costumes for the children to pretend to put on shows. 

On our way back we passed the labyrinth, a path around the lake and even a large stage where shows are held. We stopped for lunch on our way out, the food was wonderful! Overall, we cannot wait to go back and look forward to many more visits!

Thank you, Heritage Museum and Gardens for the complimentary passes!

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