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The Cozy Coupe Makeover

The Cozy Coupe Makeover

At the beginning of the summer, we decided it was time to makeover my daughter’s old cozy coupe to give to my son.  I knew I wanted to customize it to match my father’s antique 1955 Chevy BelAir so I set out to do one of the most fun DIY projects I’ve ever done.  I hope this tutorial helps others looking to do the same!
-Spray paint in determined colors(make sure it is specified to work on plastic)
-Painters tape
-Trash bags
-Zip lock bags
-New decals
Step #1: Tape up anything you don’t want to be painted including Little Tykes emblems, the steering wheel, and the tires.
Step #2: Apply base paint color. I started with the white as the white section would be easiest to tape up.
Step #3: Tape up anything you want to keep the base paint color. I used trash bags to cover larger areas. Apply the second color.
Step #4: Repeat taping anything you want to remain the prior color with trash bags to cover large areas for any subsequent colors and applying spray paint.
Step #5 Apply new decals & enjoy your like-new cozy coupe! I purchased ours from
I highly recommend this project. It was very easy and simple to bring an old ugly toy car to look brand new!


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