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Review #74: Lily Jade Madeline Bag

This Lily Jade Madeline bag is so much more than a diaper bag. It is an amazing and stunningly beautiful purse, with all the features desired of a diaper bag. I received this bag to review and was so very shocked at its beauty when I opened it. Made with the softest leather and finest craftsmanship, not a detail was overlooked in creating this bag. The details are polished with a coordinating tassel hanging from the strap
There are multiple interior and exterior zipper pockets as would be desired in any purse to hold wallets, phones, keys, etc. Inside there is a removable baby organizer with its own handles, 12 pockets and a changing pad. The bag also includes a detachable extra long strap to transform the bag to messenger or backpack style. 

Lily Jade bags are like no other I have ever seen. To me, this bag is in a class above everything else I’ve ever seen. 

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