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Review #66: Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier

Every nursery eventually ends up with a humidifier. After going through 3 different humidifiers we found the Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier shaped like a bear. This simple humidifier has a half gallon removable tank with handle, which is incredibly easy to fill. It has a variable knob and when running you can actually see the mist… Continue reading Review #66: Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Review #65: Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube

The Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube is an awesome all-around toy. All 4 sides and the top are developed to be fully useable. This cube includes 13 double-sided blocks, featuring all 26 letters. The cubes are stackable and nestle into the top of the cube, they are also easily stored via a happy faced storage side… Continue reading Review #65: Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube