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Review #23: Graco 4ever

When PJ was 6 months old we switched him from an infant car seat to the Graco 4ever. The 4ever is an “all-in-one” car seat. This means it can fit a child from 4-120lbs. It works in 4 modes; Rear facing (4-40lbs), Forward Facing Harness (20-65lbs, no younger than 2 years old), High Back Booster (30-100lbs) and Backless Booster (40-120lbs). It has a no-rethread harness with a handle to adjust the should strap height with 10 options. There are 6 different recline options for the seat, which means options in both rear and forward facing. It also has infant inserts, strap covers and two built in cup holders. Best of all, it has a 10 year expiration. It is an amazing seat with LOTS of room. I look forward to PJ using this seat for a very very long time!


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