Texas Crawfish & Music Festival- Old Spring Texas

Texas Crawfish & Music Festival- Old Spring Texas

While on vacation in Texas we found some time to check out the Texas Crawfish & Music Festival. It was our last day in town and somehow in the craziness of packing I forgot to bring the Tula with me so this entire trip was done with our stroller, which was a big mistake since it was naptime. However, the Crawfish festival was amazing, lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of vendors & just what my 6 year old loved…. Fair rides. They also had a petting zoo, rock wall, alligators, snakes, and like music. I highly suggest getting older kids the wristbands for rides. Everything within the actual fair area is paid for with tokens so make sure to stock up. The entire fair area is dirt and grass, so again the stroller was rough to navigate. Perfect spot for babywearing, and I highly recommend it!
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